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Image by Maranda Vandergriff

Content Strategy

If you’re not adapting your content for multiple formats, you’re missing out! I’ll help you increase your content ROI by bringing content to life across multiple channels.


Content leader Tracey Wallace estimates that 80% of requests for content can be fulfilled by repurposing what you’ve already created. I help brands do more with less by adapting existing content for new channels. 

Podcasts & Videos

Nobody reads transcripts, but they do read intentionally crafted blog posts, bylines, and case studies. I turn your multimedia into written content tailored to the format. 

Webinars & Panels

Don’t let valuable insights and lessons get lost in the noise of a panel or educational session. I extract the nuggets from your team’s appearances into content that serves your brand.

eBooks & Research Reports

Not everyone has time to read a 10,000-word eBook. I cut long-form content down into bite-sized pieces to ensure that your hard work isn’t a victim of short attention spans.

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