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Welcome to my studio!

I'm Dana and I'm an experienced content writer, marketing leader, and executive thought partner.

I bring over a decade of experience helping startups, scale-ups, and established companies develop brand equity and land customers. Together, we can establish and communicate your unique viewpoint. 

B2B Content Writing and Thought Leadership

I create concise, authentic content for brands and their leaders.

Speaking at Conference
Writing with Pen
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Executive Thought Leadership

I help C-suite and emerging executives figure out what they care about and how to say it. I ghostwrite bylines and LinkedIn posts that capture an individual's unique voice.

Content Writing & Editing

I research, write, and edit long-form content: blog posts, research reports, press releases, bylines, and more.

Content Repurposing

If you invest in rich content and you're not repurposing it for multiple formats, you're missing out! I adapt podcasts, webinars, research reports, ebooks, and videos.

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